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Somewhere back around 2008 Alex Reid, Gaz Roriston and myself ventured out to Las Vegas to spend a couple of weeks visiting and training at a number of the top MMA and BJJ gyms in the area…

I took my camera and made a ‘fly on the wall’ recording of the trip (the stuff within the gyms anyway)!

We got to visit Randy Coutures MMA gym, Warrior MMA (where we sparred with Forrest Griffin), Cobra Kai (Marc Laimon), and some other smaller gyms in Vegas before hitting the road to San Jose to meet up with UFC/MMA legend Frank Shamrock.

Then a big road trip over to LA to roll with Eddie Bravo downtown Hollywood, and Kron Gracie’s BJJ academy in the heart of LA. Down to Southern Cali. to Temecula for a quick trip top Dan Hendersons MMA then back to LA for the long flight home.

The whole thing was unscripted, chaotic and a whole bunch of fun…

ROUGH GUIDE seemed an appropriate name.

Check out some of the footage captured below, will be adding more as I get through some of the old tapes!

Let me know what you think in the comments, be nice to do a follow up trip one day…



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